Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Aura Battler Dunbine

SUMMARY: Shou Zama is recruited by Lord Drake Luft to pilot his newest weapons, Aura Battlers, a combo of Byston Well magic and Earthien technology. Marvel approaches Show during battle and convinces him of Luft’s sinister intentions. (summary taken from HIDIVE)

I first encountered this show thanks to Animag issue #2* and immediately fell in love with the presmise. Fantasy world with mecha. How cool is that? 

I read the episode synopses withe delight and awaite the day I'd actually get to see the show.

Fast forward 30+ years later. Thanks to HIDIVE, I gleefully added the show to my queue and prepared myself to ride the Awesomeness Train. With breath held in anticipation of all the potential goodness I remembered from that Animag article three decades earlier, I hit the play button for Episode 1.

Oh, the disappointment.

I got bored.

At Episode 1!

23 minutes long (not counting closing theme) and I was bored at 11 minutes in.

Not just bored. But dozing off.

The Awesomeness Train didn't just derail. It jumped the track, flipped end over end five times, slapped the trailing cars into the side of a hill while the locomotive plummetted off a cliff, ripped through a single-engine Piper Cub on the way down before burying itself into the nave a cathedral at the base of the cliff, exploding into a fireball, and killing a now defunct order of nuns who had assembled there.

But wait.

Surely that had to have been a mistake, right?

I was probably tired that day, right? Got easily distracted, right?

Red flag.


If you allow a distraction to steal my attention, Anime Show, you're shit out of luck.  You've lost me.

So...tired. I must've just been tired. Hence the dozing off.


No prob.

Let's try that again.




Dozed off.

About the same time again.

11 minutes in.

And right in the middle of a scene of a mech and some large beastie duking it out in an arena before an assembled crowd.

Frankly, the problem I had was with Shou, our main character. I didn't give a damn about him. Okay, he's a motorcycle racer. Okay, he jumps a car when some punks try to mess with him on the highway.

But that was it. You didn't give me anything else about him. 

Not even a hint of a personality.

Suddenly he's in this fantastic world and I don't care. 

So what?


Sorry, Aura Battler.

I realize that under normal circumstances I'd give a show at least 3 episodes before handing out a verdict. But I don't think I can slog through even the rest of this episode let alone two more.

Despite the promise of that age-old article, a no-go for me.

Filing this under DNF**.

*back in the late 80's
**Did Not Finish

Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Mecha
Length: TV series, 49 episodes
Version Viewed: Digital streaming on HIDIVE
Review Status: Full season (1/49)

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