Thursday, May 2, 2019



The very word conjures up visions of--


Sounds like the start of some pretentious piece of claptrap and we'll have none of that.

Let's go this way....

Why did I start off things with the Daicon IV opening animation?

Because this, to me, perfectly captures what anime is all about. 

Thrilling. Exciting. At times wacky and comedic. Emotionally stirring.* 

I first saw this video in high school, circa 1986. By then I was a decent way down the rabbit hole of anime (more on this in tomorrow's post). 

I remember it was a Thursday afternoon. Classes had finished for the day and our club, composed of twenty some-odd geeks, sci-fi/fantasy fans, RPG gamers, and the like, gathered in a third-floor classroom, desks circling the black metal AV cart carrying a 14-inch TV hooked up to a VCR (yeah, VCR). 

Down went the blinds and the lights. 

In went the tape. 

On came the picture and...


Fucking wow.

I distinctly remember the feelz at that moment. That sharp inhale. Goosebumps up and down both arms. Hairs at the back of my neck saluting. Dokidoki.

Had I not already been a fan, those four minutes of animated fantasmicalness would've sealed my fate as one. Grabbed me by the short and curlies and said, "You're mine now, little fucker."

Since I was a fan, that video simply solidified the hold anime already had on me and just dragged me deeper down the rabbit hole. Tightened those Cthulhu-tentacles around my head and pulled.

As I rewatch this** some 30+ years later, the feelings return. Sharp inhale. Goosebumps. Nape hair salute. Dokidoki.



As it was then, and still is today.

This, my friends, is anime.***

Tomorrow, we drop back eight years from the Daicon IV episode and chronicle "The Making of An Otaku." 

Come back for all the fun.

*Also bunny girls, but I digress...
**For the nth time since I found it on YouTube almost a decade ago.
***I didn't plan on rhyming. It just happens. Skillz, yo.

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